BenchMark - for Will Writers and Estate Planners

How often could you use an extra pair of hands? Keeping track of all your clients’ details, their witnesses, executors, attorneys and contacts is a job in itself, let alone all of the paperwork, emails, phone calls and appointments.  And of course making sure you get paid.

BenchMark gives you a dedicated admin support at a very low cost.  You don’t have to be technical to get the most out of BenchMark, if you can send an email you can use this product.  BenchMark provides an instant record of meetings, Capacity Assessment dates and details of everyone connected to the client.

BenchMark gives you immediate to access to every client file.  You keep a running record of all letters, phone calls, emails from and to clients and other people associated with the matter.  Keep copies of instruction forms, draft wills, final versions, trusts and LPAs.

BenchMark has an inbuilt calendar with inbuilt reminders.  It will undertake a client conflict check, showing matches of names, address and postcodes. There is an electronic  ‘Post It’  option  as well as full client file and phone note options to give you compete flexibility.

BenchMark generates invoices, and keeps a track of when they have been paid.  It tells you how much income you have generated in a month, three months, a year or whatever time frame you select.  BenchMark will generate VAT figures, record income and expenditure.  At the end of the year simply click the mouse and your accounts are all but complete.

BenchMark gives you the ability to use, create, amend and manage standard documents, letters and notes.  By using templates you reduce time spent creating fresh documents on every case, you increase the accuracy by using already checked material and you can make any client specific changes to the records with ease.

BenchMark offers security to will writers.  Not only password protected to high level of protection to gain access, but also emails sent from BenchMark have address checking to help prevent confidential emails being sent to the wrong address .  This assists with compliance for industry regulators and professional bodies, and also to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and Information Commissioner - who now has the power to fine individual tens of thousands of pounds for breaches of Data Protection.

BenchMark is also a new lead generator.  By storing the necessary details of clients, referrers, witnesses, executors and attorneys you can use this information to market more services to them.  Keeping in touch with people is a sure fire way to encourage repeat business.  Gaining a new client costs on average seven times as much as selling more services to an existing client!

BenchMark is easy to use, and has dedicated support from us at Decameron.  You have access to support in person, by email or by watching our on line video clip tutorials which take you through stage by stage of the whole system in 1-20 second snapshots.

BenchMark is based on technology used for over a decade by solicitors at the fraction of the the cost. Please look at the MCR pages of the website also as BenchMark includes all the MCR features, but with specific design changes for Will Writers and Estate Planners.

Please contact us on 0333 772 9617 for more information and to arrange an online demonstration.