The Bundler – The Ultimate Litigation Assistant

"Perfect Bundles Everytime, Guaranteed"

We guarantee that our unique product, the Bundler , will save you time, reduce pressure of work, increase your productivity and profits.

It sounds too good to be true, but tens of thousands of pages have been produced using this product.

As you add a document, it is automatically paginated and the case index is updated. You can then use the Bundler to send paginated documents to clients, courts, other solicitors and counsel in seconds.

Using the Bundler you can rest assured that everyone in court will be referring to the same document at the same time. Experts can be updated with ease and witness bundles prepared by sending an email.

When you need to access any case file, it is on the screen in front of you, you do not even have to leave your seat to reach for the file. The Bundler has a facility to search for a specific page or document in a bundle, and depending on the format of the contents even by keywords.

To store case files and retrieve vital documents, even when the matter is completed, takes seconds. Adding to the bundle and updating the index, even with inserted documents is easy

The Bundler has been consciously designed by a practising solicitor to comply with Practice Directions, it assists with Lexcel and Investors in People accreditation and follows British Standards Institute guidelines.

Everyone who has had the benefit of receiving documents produced using The Bundler is very enthusiastic.

Using the Bundler allows you to easily comply with directions from the Court or Tribunal. Preparing an agreed bundle and serving it becomes a simple, rapid, task completed across the internet in minutes. As The Bundler is security enabled, you can retrieve case information at court, at home, anywhere there is a secure internet link.

The Bundler frees up not only your time, but also support staff. As bundles can be printed, they no longer need spend time at the copier, updates sent by secure email really speed the whole process up.

The Bundler produces professional, neatly presented bundles that have attracted glowing comments from the judiciary at High Court levels, solicitors, counsel, experts and support staff.

Without the Bundler you will continue preparing bundles and indexes by hand, a frustrating, slow and error prone job. We guarantee no more tippexed page numbers, sticky labels or jammed photocopiers – and perfect bundles every single time.

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Watch our Youtube video explaining The Bundler overview.