Pact – Flexibility within a structured process

Pact is complete case management for family mediators, from the initial referral right through to case closure, archiving and even deletion. 

A specialist tool for Family Mediators. It is LAA compliant. Not only will it prepare the monthly return, it also chekcs that all the correct information has been entered.

Pact works on the principle of the lifecycle of a case, from referral, through MIAM to mediation and case closure. Easy to access and simple to update.  

The mediator has every action, record and detail of the client, their children and representation at their fingertips.

Simple but powerful document management enables you to edit and create template documents that are bespoke for your service. You are in control.

You have immediate access to all case files in the office, at outreach locations or even working from home.

At the end of the month Pact generates the LAA report. It prepares your records for submission to the LAA portal. Other reports are available for internal management reporting. You can see where referrals come from, and where to target your marketing.

Integration with the Cashbook gives access to total financial control and management.

Pact is FMCA practitioner designed, it builds on Decameron products and knowledge that have delivered great results over many years.

Pact gives you more time to mediate, which means less time spent on admin.

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Pact – Features & Benefits

Using Pact you have…

  • instant access to every record, on every case with a click of the mouse – giving you complete matter control. 
  • bespoke mediation case management software.
  • access to customisable template documents to simplify the process to reduce typing and checking time. Pact’s ability to add key client details to emails and letters staying in touch is so simple.
  • an instant conflict and duplicate check – Pact checks your database for matches of names, dates of birth and addresses.
  • integrated email and document management, without any effort.  Pact cleverly makes case file management a breeze by keeping all of your records in perfect order against a client case, hard copy letters and emails sit in the right order, with notes and other documents.
  • scheduler and key date integration.  Use Pact calendar to keep track of key dates, appointments and reminders on a case by case or mediator by mediator basis.  Pact gives you an instant overview to make planning and checking simple.
  • financial integration and monitoring is central to good management practice.  The Cashbook and invoicing elements of Pact keep you in complete control of your finances and cash flow,. Spend less time on ploughing through financials and more time on your core business.
  • email integration and synchronisation which gives an instant overview of case progress as all records are immediately viewable.
  • access to every case, live and archived.  When cases are closed you have a secure, retrievable archive.  Physical storage is reduced to a hard drive -  but not piles and piles of paper files.  You save on storage space, costs and have the benefit of instant retrievability.
  • total case management and matter control.  Pact for the user is very simple, it produces the reports you want and delivers results with the minimum of user effort.
  • different levels of accessibiity for mediators, managers and administrators

Pact – FAQs

I’m not a fan of technology, I’m happy working as I always have done – why would I change?

Pact enhances your practice, it does not force you to stop doing what you do well! All Pact does is take the routine admin and reporting tasks and make them less of a burden. If you can send an email or save a word doc you can easily get the most out of Pact.

But my service is unique, I don’t want to be pigeon holed – I need my admin to reflect my own way of working.

Pact offers a structure that is flexible enough to mould to your own way of working. You personalise Pact, you add your own logo, colour scheme and standard documents. Pact provides the necessary management reports, financial overview and admin support but you remain firmly in control.

What about security?

Security is at the core of Pact. It is installed on your computer so only you decide who can access the records and information. It is fully risk assessed and contains multiple levels of security and who has access to parts of the product is decided by you - the owner. Secure password encryption protects Pact from unwanted access. Backing Pact up is a single click of the mouse.

I don’t want a “paperless office” – I just want to be a mediator

You don’t have to have a paperless office, with Pact you choose what you want to print off and what you wish to store electronically. Pact puts all records in perfect date order, you can print the lot, key documents or an index of every record, phone note, letter or email as you please.

Can I rely on Decameron Software?

Pact is a new product, but it is firmly rooted in tried and tested existing technology. Decameron have been delivering solutions to the legal profession since 2003 – our commitment to client care and product simplicity drives our development. Our users rely on of products to make their working lives easier – “If you took it way, I would leave my job!” is not a one off comment.

Every Decameron product is designed in close consultation with actual practitioners to make sure that it is perfectly fit or purpose.

Pact is fully supported by email and telephone support. We use videos to breakdown every part of the process to ensure that if anyone has a query the answer is immediately available to them. We offer online or on site training and it is always tailored to your needs.

But can I afford it?

Pact is priced to enable every user to access it’s benefits. You determine how much you want to invest, and you can always buy more if you wish. Pact significantly reduces time spent on admin, it is like having a very efficient assistant at your beck and call 24 hours a day. Streamlining by automating processes gives you more time to mediate, promote your practice or take a well-earned break.

What about the LAA?

For family mediators Pact is a godsend – it is designed to meet all LAA requirements and by the design it makes compliance simply a matter of routine. All LAA requirements are integrated, key dates, conflict checks, statistical reporting - it is all there. Pact takes the lifecycle of a case from referral to archiving and uses the information stored to make every case LAA compliant.