Customer Testimonials

About Pact

“Pact is invaluable to me.  Having the support of a bespoke mediation software package reduces the time we spend on admin.  Being able to generate our reports to the LAA for the consolidated monthly start and end returns makes life so much easier.  I find the system is simple to use, fits around our service and delivers what it promises.  I wouldn’t be without it."

Janet Flawith - Aim Meditation

About the Bundler

" This is the way forward, the Court should make electronic bundles compulsory and save everyone valuable time and money. The difference it makes to the time consuming job of sorting bundles is unbelievable, it also dispenses with the issue of getting papers to Counsel on a last minute brief."
Carly Randall, Solicitor

"As we move to paperless archiving, electronic, paginated bundles save an awful lot of time, expense and archiving space."
Louise Newcombe, Solicitor

"The system has genuinely taken the stress factor out of large bundle preparation and saved time and headaches for all involved. I am involved in Care Proceedings work and under the new legal aid scheme, solicitors will need to be even more aware of time saving systems. I can see this being helpful to all involved in litigious work."
Oilen Wan, Solicitor

"The system is absolutely brilliant. If I have instructed Counsel they have found it to be brilliant too. I do a lot of work in areas that do not have the benefit of this system which often means that people are working from different pagination."
Halina Patecka, Solicitor

"Leicestershire County Council is using this software. The Bundler eases the litigation process and is a very useful tool for all involved in court proceedings. I look forward to the time where all briefs are delivered in this way"
Sheri Holland, now retired Assistant Head of Legal Services

"The Bundler is a fantastic tool in any solicitors box, saves time, confusion and most of all cost. The Bundler ensures that everyones bundle is paginated exactly the same, cutting down on the headache of checking pagination before each hearing. It is invaluable for experts who in the past have often complained that there are errors in their bundle when it comes to them giving evidence, but not when The Bundler has been used."
Louise Commons, Solicitor

"I couldn’t do my job without the Bundler. I cannot say how much time it saves because it is so much. It also hugely reduces stress in what is a very stressful environment. If the Bundler was taken away, I would resign!"
Yvette Fitzgerald, Paralegal