The Bundler - Day to Day Usage

It is a busy day, there is a hearing coming up in the next few days. A load of documents have been sent in, two reports of 40 pages in hard copy, some more disclosure by word and pdf attachments and some email correspondence that needs to be added.

The bundle has already been sent out, the judge wants a core bundle prepared and the brief to counsel must go out today.

You need to get out 5 copies of the bundle.


The index and the current working bundle are a little out of sync. A couple of statements have made it onto the file and not onto the index.

You need to print off the emails, word docs and pdfs.

You need to check what has already been sent out and look over the file to see how up to date people are.

You cannot prepare the core bundle until everything else has been added and indexed. You need to insert a document that has been missed out.

Your client is on the phone wanting to know what is going on, the solicitor for the other side keeps ringing and wants to talk about the bundle and the case. Your secretary has the paper files so it is all a bit of a hassle.

When the bundle has been done you need to check it before you can have it copied. You need to sort the core bundle but you have to wait until the main bundle has been copied before putting sticky notes onto the documents that you need to take out and do a fresh index.

Your secretary has got quite a lot of other things to do as well today - she is not overly happy. She is at the copier doing the 5 bundles when a colleague needs to just do a couple of pages that cannot wait, it interrupts the copying. The copier jams half way through, it is not clear where it has jammed as some pages are stuck in the copier. The piles of bundles need to be resorted.

You have got to get all of this in the DX. You come back from a client meeting to find that the bundles are still being sorted with 10 mins to go for the post.

You are not going to get them all done. Just focus on the judge’s bundle you tell the secretary. This causes real confusion as she is part way through all of them. She gets the judges bundles done and out in the DX. You get back to your desk and see another document has come in by email. You put your head in your hands and think calming thoughts. By the time you leave the office later than expected with the bundles ready to go out the next day, with email apologies sent to one and all you think “surely there must be an easier way?”

There is.

Using the Bundler

In the same scenario you would just be adding to the existing bundle.

The reports could be scanned in or a call to the authors asking for an electronic version is easy.

The emails, word docs and pdfs would be imported straight into the bundle, named, dated and the section chosen.

Additional docs would be inserted and sub numbered.

At a glance you can see who has had what sent out and when it was done so updating them is simple.

You know then bundle is accurate and the index matches, it cannot be out of sync.

You can take calls from anyone and access the electronic bundle at the same time your secretary is updating the electronic version.

You can see the index and check it at your desk, you can make any change to layout or title or you can ask your secretary to do it - it takes a moment.

When you are satisfied you can ask her to print off the copies, so she can stay at her desk and not make a queue at the copier. She can also get on with other jobs, distribute the bundle by email or begin to prepare the core bundle.

The core bundle is done is moments as you just select the documents you want, the bundler creates an imposed order bundle, complete with index and you print it off or email for distribution. No sticky notes, no hassle.

You can email the bundle to counsel either the whole bundle or just updates and the same with the others who need copies.

You see a document to add when the bundles have gone out? No problem - drop it in, send the paginated document back by email with an updated index.

You go home on time, your secretary is not stressed and upset and everyone has the bundles in good time. In the hearing you have total confidence that if anyone’s bundle is out of sync, it is not your fault.

And that really is how easy it is.

Practice Directions and Rules

And the Bundler is compliant with every one of them.

Below are a series of links to the key provisions for filing bundles and core volumes – the Bundler manages all of these requirements for all types of proceedings. Please give us a call to discuss how the Bundler can form part of your everyday practice.

Appeals to the County Court and High Court
Practice Direction 52b - Appeals in the County Courts and High Court para 6.2.2

Civil Practice Directions and Rules
Part 39 - Miscellaneous Provisions Relating To Hearings - Trial Bundles

Chancery Guide 2009 – as amended
Bundles 7.9 and Appendix 6

The Admiralty & Commercial Courts Guide 9th Edition 2011
F11 and Appendix 10

The Technology and Construction Court Guide
Para 5.10, 6.5, 15.2 are the principal sections but reference to good practice for bundles appears throughout the Guide.

Court of Protection
Practice Direction 13B

Employment Appeals Tribunal
Employment Tribunal Rules
Practice Direction 2008, See Para 6
Employment Tribunals - The Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2004 s13 power to make PDs need to check

B v B [2012] EWHC 1924 (Fam) - Bundles and so it goes on – Mrs Justice Theis

Re X & Y (Bundles): Fam Div (Mr Justice Munby): 22 August 2008
Practice Direction 27a – Family Proceedings: Court Bundles (universal practice to be applied in all courts other than the Family Proceedings Court)

Supreme Court
Electronic Bundles
UKSC Practice Direction 5 – Papers for the Hearing - General Note
UKSC Practice Direction 6 – The Appeal Hearing - Core Volumes
UKSC Practice Direction 14 - Electronic Filing

Judicial Review
Pratice Direction 54 A
Para 5.9

Court of Appeal Guidance
Practice Direction 52B - appeals in the county courts and high court (Para 6.3 & 6.4)
Practice Direction 52C - appeals to the court of appeal (Para 14 & Section VII)