Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?

Oh yes, most definitely. Since 2003 the Bundler has produced hundreds of thousands of pages of properly paginated, correctly indexed perfect bundles.

Our users say that if we took the Bundler away they would leave their jobs!

But will it work for me?

This is using technology as the servant and not the master. The Bundler is designed by a real life solicitor practitioner not by an IT department. I know how important it is to get the bundle right, how it feels to stand in court and have that sinking, sick feeling as you realise that not everyone’s bundle is quite the same. That is what led to the creation of the Bundler and I have personally done hearings with just a laptop whilst everyone around has been surrounded by lever arches.

Take a look at the attached “The Bundler - Day to Day Usage”

What kind of cases will it handle?

Any type of case that needs a Bundle! The Bundler is flexible enough to give users the ability to modify the output, pagination placing and Index design to fit local practice and preference. The Bundler complies with all the practice directions across the court and tribunal service. It is not a question of ‘one size fits all’ but rather the ability to make it work for your work type and your local requirements. Take a look at the separate document which sets out how the Bundler manages different legal work types.

That’s fine but I am a lawyer, not an IT guru. How easy is it to use?

Truly, if you can send an email you can use the Bundler. There is very little for the real life user to do other than making sure the name of the document is how you want it to appear on the index, that you specify which section it goes into and that you give it the right date. The Bundler does the rest.

What about adding to the Bundle when it has been prepared?

No problem. The Bundler can insert documents and and paginate using sub pagination, eg. Section A Page 1a etc. Or you can repaginate the whole bundle if you prefer. As I said, this is technology that is borne of true courtroom experience and not simply a view of how it ought to be done.

Can I search the Bundle?

Yes, really easily. You can search for documents and you can search by words. The completed bundle can be prepared as a bookmarked pdf. It saves hours of time and means that you can leap to a page in a moment

How accessible are my cases?

Well, that depends on where you are. If you are in your office or have a remote link like citrix they are all instantly available. However, if you are in court, not certain of the internet connection or have any uncertainty about connecting to the internet I strongly advise that the bundle you want for that particular case is downloaded onto the device you want to use in court or put onto a memory stick CD or other portable storage facility.

When you have the case in front of you it is then instantly searchable and is far quicker than searching through the paper version.

How secure is the Bundler?

Very is the simple answer. It has been the subject of rigorous risk assessments to ensure compliance with local authority risk management processes. It has high standard secure encryption. Individual cases can be securely locked inside the bundle. We do not store your data in the cloud. There are few providers who meet the necessary regulatory requirements, professional standards or Information Commissioner expectations and we feel that it is important that you can make you own decisions about data security and integrity.

What support do I get?

Our commitment to client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Getting used to this way of working does take a little time and we are there to support you the whole way through. Learning to use the Bundler takes a couple of hours at most, having it embed in your daily practice takes a little longer! We have a full range of video training guides for each part of the process that are annotated and narrated. You can watch the short clip as many times as you need to. You can ring us, email or text for support if you need it.

We love talking to our clients, we really like the suggestions that they make and we try to incorporate them into revisions of the Bundler if they fit with the core product. For example, the ability to lock individual cases for fee earner security was a client suggestion.

I already use case management software, won’t there be duplication and time wasting?

If your case management software can produce trial bundles then you may be best using that. However most case management software doesn’t or produces bundles that cannot be added to, are not compliant across the work range or are simply inflexible.

The Bundler will use documents from case management systems and produce trial bundles.

Will it save me time?

Oh yes and it will save you frustration, headaches, irritation and hours of support staff time at the copier.

Even at the really basic level it will make a difference. Complied bundles are sent to the printer, and the printer churns our as many copies as you need. It does not require someone to stand at the photocopier, waiting for it to jam. It does not stop mid-way through a job, with the sorted bundle stuck in the guts of the copier. Your support staff can sit at their desks and get on with other tasks. It is so easy.

And for fee earners?

Preparing bundles takes time that cannot always be recovered. The checking of the bundle when it has been prepared. The anxiety that it has not been done right, the time it takes to order the damn thing before you can send it to be collated. All of that is a thing of the past. If a document is in the wrong place, a simple edit and the whole bundle is made good.

Accessing case bundles and all documents on cases in the correct bundle order makes life so much easier. You do not spend time wading through the file or even looking for the file – it is on your screen in front of you.

I am not sure I can do without paper. I don’t think it is for me…

This is not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It is about using technology to make life easier and case preparation more efficient. You can print the whole bundle off if you choose to, and initially many people will do just that – you have got to learn to trust this system.

You can print individual documents for hearing preparation if you choose to do so. You can use this product in a way that complements your practice. It does not have to radically change the way you work, it can make it simpler and easier and give you more time to be a lawyer and not feel like you are an administrator.

But the Bundler can do so much more for you. The Bundler lets you annotate documents with no disruption to the main bundle. It has the function of creating sub bundles whereby you select documents from the main bundle and put them into any order you like that retains the original pagination. You can then annotate these with no disruption to the main bundle. So case prep and cross examination prep are instantly to hand with the main bundle still perfect.

It may sound corny, but seeing really is believing with this product. It is the litigator’s friend.

What about counsel, courts and the other parties?

Well it all depends… The Courts are reluctant to accept electronic bundles on the whole, though this is changing. However, when the court cannot locate the bundle you have sent in by hard copy, or the judge is half way round the circuit without all the papers, or it is an urgent hearing at short notice the courts suddenly become keener to have the electronic bundle.

Most counsel I know are happy to accept the electronic bundle and many prefer it when they are used to the concept. The ability to annotate pdfs, and to have very rapid updates really helps them to be fully prepared.

Solicitors and other parties are all very pleased to have electronic, perfectly paginated, correctly indexed bundles. Our testimonials are testament to that!

The Bundler can connect to Outlook to send documents and even whole bundles by email. It keeps a record of who has had documents distributed to them, when they were sent and what they were. No one can say “Well I was never sent that.” You have a printable record of the full distribution history.

There is a little more about this in the document – “The Bundler - Day to Day Usage”

Will it fit with our current IT?

If you are using Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 10 then yes with no need to buy any other software.

Pdfs need some form of pdf reader, such as Acrobat or Nuance – and of course Acrobat reader is free.

How long does it take to install and what about training?

We fit around you. Our technical team liaise with your IT support or provider to make installation as seamless as possible. We discuss the training options at the point of purchase and make sure that just like the Bundler, we are flexible enough to meet your needs.

So what do I do next?

Drop us an email or give us a call on 0845 643 7396 to arrange an online or in person demonstration which can take as little as 20 minutes.