About Us

Decameron Software has been established for 12 years. What sets us apart is to provide truly simple solutions that don’t rely on technical expertise, or any in-depth knowledge of computers. Every product is developed to make life simpler, and to perform routine, dull tasks quickly, efficiently and critically, accurately.
Managing the cast amount of data, documents and paper that is part of modern working life can end up being a full time job on its own – even in the smallest business. All of our products exist to cut through the admin and free up your time to run your business.

Our philosophy is that the tail should not wag the dog. Technology should make life easier not more complicated and it needs to be simple and efficient.
Aside from packaged products, we also offer a bespoke software writing service, and can develop our existing packages to fit any individual user requirements. Our clients are our guide through the whole process.
Customer Service is at the core of our business. Aside from a range of online guidance videos, FAQs and installed Help features there is always a technician available for support.
At Decameron, everything we do is inspired, designed and produced in conjunction with specialists in their own fields.  
Our products are crafted to deliver what our customers want.