DEPS - Digital Evidence Preparation System

As a criminal lawyer, whether a solicitor or counsel, you must wonder just how many more knocks the profession can take. The changes to funding, the advocacy assurance scheme, the changes to court procedure and then the CPS digitalisation programme.
Margins have never been tighter for the defence, and the idea that the CPS can save millions by passing the costs of photocopying and document production to the defence is the latest in a series of blows to the profession. The practical, financial and procedural concerns raised have come to nothing and the process is being rolled out nationally.
DEPS is your answer to this. This is software designed by a former defence solicitor, who understands the day to day processes and frustrations that go hand in hand with practice.
How will DEPS help?
Easy to use – if you can send an email with an attachment you can use DEPS.
Accepts all electronic and hard copy data – so you will have one electronic file with everything in one place. Save time and effort searching for that missing file or statement.
You can print off anything that you want - sometimes you just need to see it, in black and white in front of you. You can select what to print to save costs and streamline trial preparation if you don’t want to do it all on a computer.
It splits the CPS Disclosure and evidence where you decide. You can separate individual exhibits, statements as you choose.
You can highlight and annotate documents electronically for case preparation, and either print off or use a lap top or tablet in court for hearing and trials. (Presenting a case this way is nerve wracking the first time, and you will probably have a paper file with you, but when you can see for self it works it really is easier. And this really is based on direct personal experience.)
You can extract documents out into sub bundles to prepare the case, but you keep the main bundle perfectly intact.
Your DPES case grows with the case file. As more information comes in, you simply add it to the growing list of documents.
You can add your own documents and statements very easily. If digital working really is the way forward then you need to be able to add your own case papers in as you see fit.
You can send to counsel, experts and the client using the internal secure email function. This uses the latest encryption methods that are recommended by the Information Commissioner.
It does an automatic section by section page count to ease the billing process.
It utilises tried and tested technology that has been used over the last 9 years for cases with many lever arches of evidence, including medical notes, phone records, photos, statements and exhibits. 
DEPS is as easy to use as sending an email. You don’t need any additional special software to make it work on your systems.
And the price?
DEPS costs less than a Cat 3 Guilty plea. Can you really afford to be without it?

Please see our video for a short demonstration of the software or contact us for an online or in office demonstration.