No one dreams about becoming their own boss because they just love paperwork. No one aspires to spend saturday mornings hunched over the kitchen table surrounded by mounds of receipts. No one just loves filing and admin. And no-one day dreams about how marvellous it would be to complete VAT returns.

And yet for many small business owners that is the reality. The part that no-one tells you about.

You have a passion to succeed, to go it alone, to do the job you want to do better because you will be in control.

Then reality hits home. Your evenings are spent trying to figure out the smoke and mirrors that is marketing. You want to keep everyone happy and your desk looks like a bomb-site and your head is fit to bust.

MCR is the direct outcome of feeling just like that.

MCR is so simple that it is almost unbelievable. It looks after your admin, reduces the time you waste on filing, organising and fiddling. It puts everything together in a single client record. Emails, attachments, notes of conversations, letters, reports, pictures, videos even. The list could go on and on.

By keeping a record, and automatically storing emails in one place the whole process of running your business is simplified. You can add to the records really easily, you can keep track of all client appointments, you can see letters to and from your client and any third parties involved. You never misplace, mis file or cannot access a document once it i stored. You can archive matters on completion, and restore them if need be in under 10 seconds. You save time and storage space and costs. Using MCR takes away all the stress and frustration of office admin.

As you build a list of clients and third parties, marketing becomes a breeze. You have a ready made list of people contact with news, promotions and items of interest to keep you on their radar and to showcase your professionalism and expertise.

Accounts are always a source of contention and frustration for small business. MCR uses the Bookkeeper to manage income and expenditure. It tracks money you owe and money owed to you. Producing reports for VAT or for end of year accounts is really at the click of a mouse. It makes your accountants job so much easier and therefore quicker and so cheaper for you.

MCR is software designed to meet your everyday office needs. It is used to manage our own business, and is tried and tested with various users from solicitors to Church groups. MCR is all about giving you the time to get on with what you do best. The reason why you are self employed in the first place. It frees you up to do your job.

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MyClientRecord (MCR) Features and Benefits

Using MCR you can…

  • Keep every client record, document letter email or note in one place – never search again for a record on a client file.  Instant access to every matter, every client and every record is wonderful. 
  • Keep track of hard copy and electronic documents without needing to print off reams of emails – in today’s world the mixture of hard copy and electronic documents can make keeping track of a matter time consuming an irritating.  MCR means you don’t waste time. 
  • Use standard documents templates to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Standard documents in MCR are defined and amended by the user, so your system is unique to you. 
  • Standard documents can be stored on a matter by matter basis, sent as email or letters with key information merged into them.  Get the text right once and you don’t have to worry about any typing errors.
  • Store clients, suppliers and other contacts detail in one place.  Define individuals by role to enable you to keep in touch with clients and prospective clients.  We know that it costs 7 times as much to get a new client or referrer than it does to keep an existing one.
  • Cashbook integration makes accounts, VAT, cash flow and invoicing a breeze.  You don’t have to use it but it keeps all of your records in once place.  Being on top of your finances with the minimum of fuss makes life so much easier – and gives you time to spend on your own business.
  • Calendar, key dates and reminders are fully integrated – and synchronisation with Outlook if required.  MCR puts you in control of your matters – but you choose how you use it.  Always stay on top of your matters with the minimum of effort.
  • Instant access to every record on every matter on every file with the click of a mouse.  It sounds too good to be true but instant access makes life simpler and more manageable.
  • Reduce storage costs - closed and archived electronic files are faster to access, cheaper and more efficient – a single CD can store up to 20,000 pages, let alone portable hard drives and the like.  No more bulky paper files stored in the loft or offsite for years at a time.
  • Client conflict or duplicate check.  Using MCR checking previous involvement with clients is instant.  It makes compliance and checking simple and efficient.
  • Marketing and advertising services is done in an instant with MCR.  Newsletters, offers, news and invites can be sent to your whole contacts list.  Staying in touch and keeping you at the forefront of contacts thoughts can only be a god thing.

MyClientRecord (MCR) - FAQs

I manage fine at the moment. Why should I change the way I work? Why spend money on a system I don’t need?

MCR works with you. It is designed to fit with your working patterns but to offer assistance to keeping on top of the admin that inevitably is a fundamental part of any small business. Using MCR frees up time by making sure every document, note, email, letter and record is stored in date order and instantly accessible.

MCR easily pays for itself from the time you save – no more looking for files, searching for documents or scratching your head with frustration at accounts.

I prefer paper – it is easier to read it and work from it. Why would I want it to be different?

MCR gives you more time to do you real work – it is that simple.

MCR does not create a paperless world – unless you want it to. By putting everything in date order, automatically storing emails, letters and notes against your client it makes accessing the relevant document really easy - so you can print it off if you choose to, but you don’t have to. Today we all rely more and more on technology whether we want to or not – MCR simply makes technology more manageable.

The idea behind MCR is that it makes life easier not more complicated by managing your admin in a straightforward way.

I already have systems in place thank you very much – what difference would MCR make?

MCR uses what you already have to make good systems better. Using your own standard letters and documents, contact lists and records MCR puts everything in one place. Email generation or hard copy letters are generated from within MCR and stored on the relevant client file automatically.

The Cashbook integration enables you to keep a record of cash flow and generate end of year accounts and VAT returns very easily, again with invoices stored against the client.

MCR puts everything together to make your life easier.

I am not sure about technology, I don’t really trust it and it is always a pain to learn – how easy is it to use?

MCR is not a tool for IT wizards. It is based on absolute simplicity. Complex processes are automated to keep it that way, the user sees their records notes and contact being managed in a seamless way. Too often innovations seem to make life more complicated and not less so. MCR is not the tail wagging the dog.

MCR does not require you to learn any new processes, if you can save a Word doc and send an email you can be confident using MCR in less than a couple of hours.

It has been rigorously risk assessed, security enables and has instant back up facilities.

What if I try it and I don’t like it?

MCR is the perfect product for small business. We offer 100% no quibble money back guarantee on MCR purchases, if after 3 months you don’t want it you get your money back.