Because no one likes doing their accounts.

I know that keeping a record of costs is important. I know that I have to make profit to continue to be in business. I know that staying on top of receipts, bills, accounts and the finances is critical, but do you know what - it drives me crazy.  MyCashBook is specifically designed to make my life easier – and it really, really works!
Do you dread the end of year accounts? Have you ever turned up to see an accountant with carrier bags of odd receipts, statements and bills - knowing that you should have kept separate piles, in a neat order over the whole year?
I have.
Have you ever checked over your invoices and discovered that you are owed money – that you haven’t chased up as quickly as you should? And noticed a couple of bills that are so old you’re embarrassed to pay or ask for payment?
I have.
Have you ever wanted to know exactly how you are doing – and then spent the next hour or so with the back of an envelope, calculator and resented every moment sitting at the kitchen table when you could have been either working or actually taking some time to be outside and relaxing in the sun?
I have.
MyCashBookook is so simple it’s stupid. You put in how much you’ve taken. You add in what you’ve spent. You can have an immediate snapshot of how you are doing, who owes you and what you owe. It will give you a VAT calculation, a monthly, annual or you choose the time frame breakdown. No hassle, no tricks just a plain idiot proof electronic cashbook.
I hate keeping track of my financials but I truly love using MyCashBook. 
MyCashBook is integrated with MCR, Expert-Ease and Pact. It is impossible to describe how much better my business is since I started using this software.
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